Judson ISD

Appreciating Our JISD Counselors

Serving students as a counselor is a challenging job.  Not only do they guide students through their academic plans, but they are also a listening ear to students who just need to talk or share what's going on in their lives.  In both cases, they typically have a great talent in reading between the lines when students or even staff talk with them about their challenges and concerns. 

This week, February 4th through the 8th is National Counselors Week and we want to encourage everyone? students, teachers, and staff to show your campus counselor how much you appreciate them. 
Let's celebrate these wonderful professionals who help our students and staff out every day in so many ways. Our counselors were hosted at the ERC Boardroom for a special luncheon to show appreciation for their hard work day in and day out.  Thank you.



Sally Bancroft

Veterans Memorial HS counselors are awesome!

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