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Appreciation For Our Custodians! Updated!

They do the thankless jobs that many times don't necessarily get noticed. But they are important jobs.  Keeping our campuses clean and ready for our students daily is no small task and our Judson ISD custodians do that hard work every day.  Our campuses have been showing their appreciation to their custodial staff this week in different ways. That includes the ERC and District Offices as well.  Take a look at some of the photos as we salute the people who keep our places of work clean and ready to go for everyone each day.  Thank you.

Coronado Village ES

JISD District Office 


Miller's Point ES




Orville Weiss

To All JISD Custodians, Job Well Done, Keep up the good work and a Thank You !!!!

Chris C Griffin

i would like to see the pictures of the Wagner custodians, we appreciate them a lot.

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