Judson ISD

Board Recognitions 1-25-18

Pledge Leader Janabou Diallo is a 5th TAG and Choir Student at James Masters Elementary. She is Judson Strong and a model student in all of her endeavors! Janabou treats her Teachers and Peers with the upmost respect at all times!



January has been Board Appreciation Month and campuses all across the district have been showing their appreciation for the work the board has been doing to benefit our students.  Their impact has been immense on such accomplishments such as recent bond elections, new school construction as well as the upgrading of existing campuses and finding a way to continue to offer students a cost effective way to earn college credit while still in high school. So Hats-Off to the Judson ISD Board of Trustees!


We want to recognize this evening a group of students that have been showing their artistic talent for quite a while.  The Judson High School Theater Department has been competing in the Texas Forensics League since September.  They are nearing the end of the season and this group of students have set themselves apart from the pack.  They’ve done that by qualifying to represent Judson at the T.F.A. State Competition.  These students are:

Josh Mayo
Nathaniel Cullors
Faith Hooks
Autumn Johnson
Sarah Ekenroth
Jordan Watler
Eli Roberts
Alexis Patterson

Their coach is Instructor/ Coach is Mr. Larry Bailey…Judson High School Director of Theater Arts. These students will be competiting at the TFA State Contest in La Vernia in March…we wish them the best of luck.  Will their parents please stand and be recognized.



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