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Board Recognitions 10-18-18


Pledge leader is Avah Elizabeth Moore, a 5th grader at Converse Elementary School. As a member of the award-winning National Honor Society, Avah is dedicated to making her school a better place for all students. She is always kind and respectful, assists the Kindergarten teachers with bus duty each day, is a creative artist, and loves track. Avah has attended Converse Elementary since Kindergarten.



Our first board recognition comes from Judson Early College Academy. Just getting on the National Merit Scholar radar is an accomplishment and this JECA student has worked hard to reach that accomplishment. Judson ISD’s newest National Merit Scholar Semifinalist is Noah Zuckerman.

Noah is very enthusiastic about the English language and how people use it…at the same time he enjoys the sciences and spending time with this family. While his after graduation plans are still a bit fluid, Noah is contemplating his options. He is currently interested in attending Trinity University…that’s the one in Dublin, Ireland. His also considering possibilities at Colorado College and the University of Colorado. We wish him luck in his future.



Our next recognition comes from Judson High School. The National Math and Science Initiative recognizes teachers all across the nation each month that are engaging students in the fields of science and math. This teacher is an AP Physics teacher that believes in students getting their hands on their lessons. He feels that’s the best way of kids really getting it, because they are doing it. This teacher personally enjoys science…especially physics because he feels like it’s the science of common sense. Congratulations to NMSI Teacher of the Month and Judson High School AP Physics teacher Tyler Baker.


Our Final recognition comes from two elementary schools…Converse Elementary School and Candlewood Elementary School. Three students from these schools were involved in a writing contested sponsored by the National Elementary Honor Society that called for the kids to create stories and illustrations about the organization’s beloved mascot Watson The Bear. They were to incorporate the organization’s four pillars of character… scholarship, responsibility, service and leadership in their narratives. The stories that these students wrote were selected and included in the National Elementary Honor Society’s publication called “The Watson Anthology.” These students are:


Emerson Curtis (Dee Dee Haralson Advisor) Converse Elementary
Isabel Silva and Elizabeth Ekere (Jennifer Silva Advisor) Candlewood Elementary
While they were in elementary school when they were selected, they are all now attending JSTEM Academy at Judson Middle School. Congratulations!


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