Judson ISD

Board Recognitions 12-18-14

 Pledge Leader: Genesis Villarreal…she’s a 5th grader from Paschall Elementary. Genesis’ favorite subject is math because she enjoys solving complex problems that make her think critically.  She has a passion for music and is a member of the Paschall Honor Choir.  She is hoping to become a member of the JISD Honor Choir after January try outs.  After graduating from high school, she plans on attending Texas A&M University to study engineering. 

The first ever Judson Education Foundation Fiesta Medal Design Contest had three winners recognized by the board. They are 1st place Esmeralda Guiterrez, 2nd place Iain Rankin and 3rd place Mauricio Castillo. Congratulations

The Winning Medal!!

Taking college level courses to get ahead on the road to a college acceptance letter and a college degree is at the heart of what JECA does, but there are four students who took it to a whole different level.  Eduardo Emanual Sanchez (MIT), Daphne Martin (Dartmouth), Jason Priest (MIT) and Daunte Baccus (Harvard)

It was a great football season for the Judson Rockets.  For Head Coach Sean McAuliffe...his first year as head coach...it was a season to remember in many ways. From injuries that plagued the team at quarterback, revealing a tremendously talented freshman quarterback, to a defense that really came into its own causing turnovers that the offense rarely wasted, if the defense didn’t score on its own which they did often. It finally ended in the semifinal game 38-31.  The Rockets left it all on the field and that's the way you want to end it whichever direction the score ends up going.  Congratulations Rockets for a tremendous ride this year. 


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