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Board Recognitions 5-16-19

Christopher Buchhorn is an exceptional 5th-grade student at Wortham Oaks Elementary. He is very involved in his school. He is a member of the National Junior Honor Society, Student Council, Basketball, and Choir.   One of the most amazing things about Christopher is his kindness and the way he treats others. Whoever the student is, he intentionally treats them equally with kindness and does his best to include them and make them feel welcome.  

This part of the board meeting was to honor those students who have taken academic excellence to a higher level.  These students have dedicated their time…probably a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to reach this achievement.  That accomplishment is reaching the top ten rankings academically in their graduating class.  Tonight we honor these students from each of the comprehensive high schools and Judson Early College Academy. 

Each Listing is ordered alphabetically

Top Ten from Judson Early College Academy. 
Nathaly De Robles Serrano
Saleen Alexandria Diaz 
Alejandro Vicente Mercado
Skye Alicia Meza
Teresa Tina Mai Nguyen 
Zen Scott Nguyen 
Maximus Ioane Puni 
Xavier James Rigby 
Lillian Mae Roelofs 
Noah Marshall Zuckerman 

The Top Ten Students From Wagner High School:
Peter Michael Fernandez
Justin Ray Furber
Cynthia Garcia 
Guadalupe Gomez 
Alix Guadalupe Gonzalez
Alyssa Marie Granados Guyo
Kayleigh Ann Larsen
Edgar Meza
Stacy Jasmin Parra-Marmolejo 
Jordan Janelle Simmons

The Top Ten Students From Veterans Memorial High School: 
Summer Reese Baldwin
Alec Brandon Fairbanks
Jorge Abraham Garcia 
Evan Rey Santos Gonzalez
Alexis Leslie Henson
Trestan Brower Laird
Isabella Rose Lee
Charlene Imani Mass 
Emely Kim Nguyen
Zachary Ryan Rhoades 
Melvin Dimitri Walker

The Top Ten Students From Judson High School: 
Makenna June Curtis
Jake Ryan Fricke 
Tejas Jean Uafato Fruean
Keyanna Nichelle Gayden
Autumn Renee Johnson
Linda Elizabeth Lanty
James Thien Le 
Kyle Anthony Martinez
Nicole Monserrat Ortiz
Joshua Caleb Thompson


After the students were recognized by the board, the meeting adjourned briefly for cake and refreshments before resuming with the rest of business.


Monique Gayden

Thank you for recognizing the academic success of these students. Please continue this ceremony going forward because student academic accomplishments usually take a back seat to sports. All accomplishments are great and should be recognized. Thanks again JISD for being a great place for my student since kindergarten.

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