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Breakfast In The Classroom Coming As Pilot!

A Message from JISD Child Nutrition… 

We are excited to introduce a pilot program of Breakfast in the Classroom for voluntary campuses throughout the district.  The campuses that have elected to participate in this program are: Candlewood Elementary, Converse Elementary, Escondido Elementary, Elolf Elementary, Paschall Elementary, and JCARE Academy and will start on January 8, 2019.   Judson ISD serves breakfast at no charge for all students at all levels.  The School Breakfast Program can be served in many ways.  Traditionally breakfast has been served in the cafeteria where students can eat prior to the school bell. An alternative method is where breakfast is served in the classroom, a complete breakfast of easy-to-eat items that meet the nutritional guidelines for students. Breakfast cereals, crispito, low-fat muffins, along with milk, juice, and fresh fruit are brought to the classroom in insulated rolling bags for students to enjoy their breakfast.  Judson ISD is piloting this program in an effort that all elementary campuses will have Breakfast in the Classroom in the 2019-2020 school year. By delivering breakfast in this manner, instructional time is not lost and the students are fed and ready to learn.   
In an effort to ensure a smooth transition to Breakfast in the Classroom at all elementary campuses District-wide for the 2019-2020 school year we are taking this opportunity to introduce the concept at participating campuses.  Providing breakfast to students improves their concentration, alertness, comprehension, memory, and learning. Breakfast in the Classroom takes the traditional school breakfast and improves it by moving it into the classroom.  There are a host of reasons that students do not regularly participate in the school breakfast program: Lack of awareness about school breakfast, lack of time to eat breakfast, and late bus schedules.  With this program, breakfast will be available to every child present which will make it possible for all children to participate. Breakfast in the Classroom has proven dramatically to increase participation in the school breakfast program throughout the nation and we are excited about this program implementation in Judson ISD and look forward to your feedback.



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