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Candlewood Gets Trip Grant

Grants are a wonderful thing...when you can get them.  It takes some time and writing to do it. It paid off for Mrs. Diana Arizpe at Candlewood Elementary School.  She helps students daily with their reading, but now she's going to take it a step further.  She submitted a request for a grant and was awarded $700 from Scholarship America to pay for field trip expenses.  So one of the first things she's doing with that money is taking Candlewood's first grade students on a field trip.  They've been selected to attend an interactive theatrical production of "Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs" in March.  What a way to make those fairy tale characters come off the page and come to life.  Way to go Mrs. Arizpe!.  Thank you so much.


Alejandra Rios

Feliz que los ninos de 1 grado ganaron, Gracias Ms. Arizpe muy bonito el paseo...

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