Judson ISD

Candlewood Has A House Day

It's a new day and a new way at Candlewood Elementary. The campus has employed a "house system" at its school to encourage a positive outlook among students.  The students, K-5 are in one of 5 houses...Resilience, Integrity, Dream, Grit, or Inspire. With these houses, students learn to make friendships across the grade levels and everyone came together recently for the first "House Challenge."  The groups participated in three events that were fun and encouraged teamwork.  Campus staff says it's seeing a positive impact and they can't wait until the next event to build on what's started.



valarie lewis

What a great idea to bring all the grade levels together. I'm sure this shows upper grades to display leadership and lower grades what to aspire for in their future.

Awesome team idea lead by Principal Johnson !

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