Judson ISD

Cardboard Challenge Comes to Candlewood

The Global Cardboard Challenge is an event inspired by a boy named Caine, who built an entire arcade out of cardboard a few years ago. Every year around this time people create cardboard masterpieces and engage in a day of play. Candlewood students participated in this event with enthusiasm and came up with some truly amazing creations. Each class watched an introductory video highlighting Caine's original arcade, brainstormed project ideas and then came together on build day! It was a truly rewarding experience for students, teachers and the parents that came out to volunteer. Great job Candlewood Eagles!



Deborah Rice

Congratulations Candlewood on a job well done. Caine's Archade has created a longstanding project-based model for students at all levels. Love the creativity that students from all ages. The creativity is amazing! Keep up the good work!

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