Judson ISD

Code-A-Thon: Learning The Code For The Future

High tech skills in the coming decades will fetch many opportunities and salaries. It is the way of the future in many respects and our JISD middle school students really got into a big part of it…coding. Coding is the language of technology development and will be the foundation of many innovations in the coming years. The Code-A-Thon was a special initiative at the middle school level that sought to involve students in the Learning.com Coding Challenge. This challenge was geared to increase the critical thinking skills of kids and give them a competitive edge in the technology future that will continue to keep our global society connected.
Hundreds of students participated at our middle schools and many of them earned the maximum number of stars indicating they mastered all the program’s challenges. Even those students who didn’t reach that level, gained some valuable experience and instruction in coding.



Kitty Hawk MS: Had a 34 percent participation rate with 28 students earning max stars. 
Kirby MS: Had a 10 percent participation rate with 17 students earning max stars. 
Woodlake Hills MS: Had a 23 percent participation rate with 9 students earning max stars. 
Metzger MS: Had a 29 percent participation rate with 34 students earning max stars. 
Judson MS: Had 5 percent participation with 6 students earning max stars.


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