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Copperfield Students Salute Military Mom

Copperfield Elementary School 1st grade student, Christian Tapualli Solia along with his pre-kinder brother, Bryson Tapualii Solia had the opportunity to witness their mom, Sgt. Misty Wade receive an U.S. Army rank promotion as a Staff Sergeant also known as E6. Staff Sgt. Wade is currently on active duty status at Joint Base San Antonio, Ft. Sam Houston, Texas. Christian, the oldest, was given the honor to be chosen as the one who would pin the promotion on his mother.

More importantly, the memorable pinning ceremony was performed in the presence of the campus principal, Mrs. Sherri Wrather, her Joint Base San Antonio superiors and staff, a team of Ft. Sam Houston soldiers, Jointed Base San Antonio (JBSA) School Liaison Officer, Nita Ford-Hightower, and Judson ISD Military Family & College Readiness Specialist, Sylvia Greenwood. As the promotion order states, it shows the U.S. Army believes in one’s abilities to perform at the next higher grade. It is a reward for hard work, dedication, discipline and more importantly, a sacrifice made on our nation. This was indeed an honor to witness an amazing military tradition of celebrating a parent’s achievement publicly. Judson ISD salutes you, Staff Sergeant, Misty Wade!



GEN. Amos Halftrack

Congratulations on your promotion SSG Wade, HOOAH !!!

Syliva Greenwood


Monica Trevino

What an awesome way to celebrate a promotion!! Congratulations!! I absolutely love the military support that JISD offers.


Congrats Wade your an amazing soldier and awesome mom a wonderful daughter and even better big sister...I thank you every day as pray for you always I love you

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