Judson ISD

Football Week #5: Judson-Steele, Wagner-Clemens

So far it's been an incredibly exciting varsity football season in Judson ISD.  The Judson Rockets are doing well so far with a big win over New Braunfels, but they have a big challenge ahead against Steele. The Knights have gotten the better of the series for the past several years and the Rockets are looking to correct that trend at Rutledge.  Meanwhile, the T-Birds  stumble a bit last week against New Braunfels Canyon, but are still 3-1 and look to learn from the last contest and use those lessons to take on Clemens at Lehnhoff Stadium.  Both Judson and Wagner teams have great opportunitiess before them...let's be there this weekend to experience it all with them and encourage them through it all.

Judson Rockets 

Wagner Thunderbirds 


Thierry Broadshaw

Good Luck to the Judson Rockets and Wagner T-Birds !!!!

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