Judson ISD

Fuel Up Grant Paying Off

Back in January 2017 JHS received the Fuel Up to Play 60 grant

You may remember last January a grant that Judson High School received called "Fuel Up to Play 60." It was a $4,000 award that was geared toward getting students to eat better...especially at the beginning of the school day.  Judson Coach Theresa Urbanovsky worked with District Dietician Carlie Rauschuber and Judson High School Cafeteria Manger Cathy Estrada in drawing up a plan to get more students to eat breakfast.  A pivotal part of that plan was to set up a new hot breakfast kiosk located at a part of the campus that sees a lot of student foot traffic in the morning.  

Well the word got out.  According to the campus cafeteria numbers, there was between a 6.5% to 8% increase in students grabbing a hot breakfast in the morning before class. Campus staff and everyone involved in writing the grant and the breakfast plan were so excited about the results.  They hope this is the beginning of helping other students to get that important meal that starts off the day...it can be critical in how they perform in class.  That vision is to locate another grant funded kiosk in the future in another popular part of the campus during those morning hours. 


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