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JISD April Employee Of The Month- John Lambert

Mr.John Lambert, who teaches history at Kirby Middle School was nominated and named the Judson ISD Employee of the Month.  He was one of 30 nominations this past month. Mr. Lambert was surprised by Dr. Ball this first day of April with the award, but it was not an April Fool's joke...it was the real thing.  Mr. Lambert was nominated by Melody Manescu also a Kirby Middle School teacher.  Mr. Lambert shows a great attitude on a daily basis and his classroom is a place that is decorated to pull students into history and the importance of it.  One way he does this is dressing the part of his lesson. When he began a lesson recently on The West, he dressed up as a cowboy and acted the part all day long. Congratulations Mr. John Lambert...our JISD Employee of the Month for April.  

Mr. John Lambert with Dr. Ball, Kirby MS Principal Jerome Johnson

Don't forget to nominate an Employee of the Month for May...you can even nominate someone again from a previous submission if they were not selected. 



Mr. Lambert and his 5-period class. 

Congratulations to the following employees who were nominated for the month of April. Employees can be nominated again if recognition is not awarded. 

Yadria Vasquez
Mr. Laury
Adam Lopez
Austin Quinney
Diane Davidson
Katelyn Wood
John Robertson
Jossi Clark
Cheryl Pron
Andria Burton
Pamela Neill
Ursula Campbell
Miriam Blanton
Amanda Conner
Rosa Turk
Sharon Hons
Debi Baerman
Adriana Silva
Jose Bustos
Virginia Hedges
Melissa Covington


robert sepulveda

i was there when it happen good job mr lambert/yeehawbert/jambert

Mrs. A

Congratulations Mr. Lambert!!! You are amazing!!

William Blades

Congratulations to Mr. John Lambert and to all the nominees !

Donna Tucker

Congratulations John! Couldn't have happened to a nicer man....


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