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JISD Police Chief Going To The White House!

JISD Police Chief Teresa Ramon

Since 2010 Judson ISD Chief of Police Teresa Ramon has been at the helm of the district's security efforts. Her work and attention to staff and students and their safety is what makes her standout among her peers.  She has been recommended by her professional association to participate on a White House panel focusing on women and the criminal justice system on March 30th. Chief will bring a load of experience...20 years...to the panel and is currently serving as the 3rd Vice President of the National Board of the Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association (HAPCOA).  She is a great choice to serve on this White House panel and we know she will represent Judson ISD well.  Congratulations.



Sylvia Apodaca

Teresa Ramon is very dedicated and involved Chief!
As a parent and business owner in the district I am proud to have her. Congratulations!


All of your boot camp groupies are excited for you Teresa!!


V. Moreno

Congratulations Chief Ramon!!

Michelle Schultze

Congratulations! What a tremendous honor. I know you will represent the district and women well.

Judson Wagner

Say Hello to Barry & Michelle from us !

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