Judson ISD

JISD Police Take On Bike Patrol

It's seen as a more efficient way of getting police presence where it's need at a time that it's needed.  Judson ISD Police are hitting the campuses on bicycles. The San Antonio Police department has had its bike patrol for years, in fact they helped train 8 JISD officers in this specialty patrol.  Bike patrol is a part of only a handful of San Antonio area school districts, but Chief Teresa Ramon says the two wheeled vehicles are a faster way of getting from point A to point B and improves visibility on campuses as well as big events like football games at Rutledge Stadium.  The department has 10 bikes and will use them at several campuses in a number of patrol uses.  You may think that riding a bike around is just a piece of cake, but there is important training that's specific to police work and just getting around safely through traffic and around crowds.  The Judson ISD Police Department is always looking at new methods to keep people safe so everyone can learn and enjoy what ?they are doing. 




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