Judson ISD

JISD Police Working With GREAT Students

The GREAT program (Gang Resistance Education and Training) is an effort that involves law enforcement agencies working with students to encourage them to take a positive approach to life.  It emphasizes a resistance to the gang violence culture and to stay in school, respect others and grow respect for one's self.  The Judson ISD Police department is bring the program to a significant number of JIDS students.  It has a complete curriculum that is taught by the officers and is focused on young students in an effort to prevent them going down a destructive path.  As you can see Officers Adolfo Hernandez and Mary Romero were working with this class at Candlewood Elementary School.  This course is being taught through the Boys and Girls Club and Adventure Club.  



officer Hernandez you should come to Kirby for a visit, 8th graders been dying to see you?

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