Judson ISD

JISD's Commitment To Safety And Security

Recently our district, like other districts around the city and nation, has been affected by the reports of recent school violence around the country. This has resulted in more tension and anxiety among students and even staff. We want you to know that we are doing all things possible to maintain a safe environment on our campuses and to make students feel calm and secure.

Please know that any kind of threat has not nor will not in the future be taken lightly. Our administration and police officers investigate any threat thoroughly whether it comes from inside or outside the campus.  It does not matter whether one thinks the threat was made as a joke or not…especially in the current climate, it will be investigated and there will be consequences. 

Safety on our campuses is not an option…it is a must-have if students are to learn. 

We would ask that you as a parent/guardian of your child please remind them of the impact of such actions or even spreading rumors among other students. Instead, we ask to encourage them to contribute to a safe atmosphere at their school by being calm and if they see or hear something, say something to an administrator, officer or teacher...they can help.
Thank you for your support,


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