Judson ISD

JISD Staff See Inside The Construction Industry

Providing opportunities for students as they near their graduation is such an important goal for JISD teachers, counselors and administrators.  Better understanding of some of the industries that provide jobs is how JISD staff equip themselves to assist our students in getting those jobs.  Region 20 Service Center helped host a Construction Industry Tour led by the Associated Builders and Contractors.  This event gave educators the overall view of the construction process and the industry in general.  This is actually a program that includes a series of meetings for educators to be better informed of what it takes for students to qualify and secure jobs in this business.  That includes considerations such as educational background, skills, salaries, benefits and growth opportunities. Those are great things to know to pass on to students considering this type work. 

The year's firms offering this wealth of information are RVK Architects, Terracon Engineers, Baker Triangle, and Spawglass. 



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