Judson ISD

JSTEM Lottery Excitement

The JSTEM Academy is a place where exciting exploration expands the learning process. It's through science, technology, engineering, and math that students challenge themselves in project-based learning.  JSTEM is a program that continues to grow in interest among students and that's the reason for a lottery system that determines the next group of 5th graders that will enter the school.  This year, 203 applications were taken for the school with the lottery recently determining 130 selections with 10 alternates.  We congratulate the students selected, but we also want to encourage those not selected by pointing them to other STEM efforts in campus science departments that also exist to nurture that thirst for STEM studies. 




Sofia Santiago

Congrats Gabby.
Have fun at JStem next year little sis

Rocio Reyes

Congrats Alan we're so proud of you!!!

lucian morris

judson is just amazing i'v learned soooo much

Jonathan Diaz

everyone in 5th grade at my school who got the application got in

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