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JSTEM Students Make Extra Time To Learn More

JSTEM Academy is a unique school that's dedicated to the immersing of students in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. It's such an exciting program, that instructor Mr. Ohman and an increasing number of students have been putting in extra learning time after school. This “Make Time” initiative at JSTEM allows the students to explore a variety of hands on activities, ranging from tear-downs of devices to see how things work; to repairs; to fabricating with tools and even programming and 3D modeling with computers. Take a look at the pictures below to see the students in action.

Max Lozano (8th Grade) dug into math modeling of FTC robots and put together an equation with the variables that determine speed capability.


Rory Grunow (7th Grade) opened up a Vista/XP computer that had been scavenged for parts over time in a makerspace. He is very excited about building a 'new' computer by applying his own thinking, using a little elbow grease and scavenging for parts.


Jeremiah Bingani (6th Grade) loves things that go! He worked on a broken motorized ATV that for the moment wasn't going anywhere. He extracted parts and exchanged others and in no time had the ATV up and running.


Kaylee Miller and Isiah DeLuna (6th Grade) also disassembled a dead headlamp and got it working after discovering a few problems. This trouble-shooting exercise helped them learn about circuit failure diagnosis and repair.


Hestn Raborn (6th Grade) applied his new 3D modeling knowledge and skills to address his interest in motor driven devices. In this case, a water pump.


Deborah Rice

Love that this is available for the students. Congrats JSTEM students for pushing your brains beyond the books.
Thank you Mr. Ohman for your time, effort and expertise. It is teachers like you that make a difference in the lives of our students.

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