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JSTEM Teacher Selected For Excellence Award

JSTEM 6th grade teacher Randall Ohman was selected by the Dee Howard Foundation for its STEM Education Excellence Award.  This award selects one Pre K- 12 STEM teacher in our community that best incorporates the aviation and aerospace subject matter in STEM instruction and brings it to underserved students in the San Antonio metro area.  The selection was by a blue ribbon committee that made its selection from a pool of candidates from public schools and charter schools in the area. 

6th Grade JSTEM Teacher Randall Ohman

Mr. Ohman oversees the JSTEM SmartLab where kids get an introduction to engineering and a number of different technology applications. He also hosts what is called "Make Time."  That's an afterschool program that allows students some free-thinking time for invention, fabrication and tearing down to fix things or repurpose them.  He also coaches the school's robotics teams in strategies and robot design.  His students have been semifinalists or finalists in a number of national contests sponsored by NASA, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and DuPont.  Mr. Ohman was selected by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to represent Texas at the 2017 National Summer Teaching Institute.  

We congratulate Mr. Ohman on this latest honor and are proud of his success with our students.


Elizabeth Wade

Well deserved! Congratulations!

Armando Olguin

Congratulations Mr. Ohman for a well deserved award.

Armando Olguin

Couldn’t have gone to a better person. Congratulations Randall Ohman.

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