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(L-R) Billy Hoswell, Caroleena Mancilla, Hestn Raborn, Jeremiah Bingani, and Julio Hernandez

A few weeks ago during the Christmas break, a number of JSTEM students were invited to a meeting of the Alamo Inventors. JSTEM Academy is getting a clear reputation as a San Antonio invention resource center. The students presented projects of concepts they were developing to a very interested and attentive audience.  It was great for the students to have the confidence and understanding to make this kind of presentation.

Billy Hoswell showed the effects of Photoshop techniques he has mastered to utilize in applications like publications, sales charts or even web pages.

Caroleena Mancilla and Hestn Raborn demonstrated their unique robot they recently entered in the First Tech Challenge Competition.  They explained the applications of this specific innovation as an electronic doorknob and latch that has a lot of potential in both the security and disability assistance markets. 


Jeremiah Bingani showed the prototype of his wheelchair based robotic arms that give chair-bound people a way to do basic tasks that many of us take for grant every day. 


And then there was Julio Hernandez who presented a type of cranial diversion that helps comfort patients who have apprehension with different surgery related preparations such as IVs or anesthesia. It takes virtual reality games and programs to occupy the mind and keep the patient calm.


Alamo Inventors is a local organization that encourages the inventive mind and the collaboration of other like-minded people from around the area. They have monthly meetings that support the ideas of invention, innovation collaboration, informing and learning to develop entrepreneurship.


Hilda Hernandez

Good for they !!! Is a very big job and effort . Also is a very well example for another teenagers .
Keep continue with this job .

Michelle (Hungerford) Montague

Great ideas and follow through on some pretty cool science and technology inventions! I'm proud of some of my former students--Hestn, Julio and the others--Way to go!

Alberto Hernandez

Well done Julii .
from your grandfather Alberto Hernandez.

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