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Judson ISD Board Approves Raises For All Employees

The Judson ISD School Board at its regular meeting on January 16, 2014 passed a pay increase for all employees within the district for the 2014-2015 school year.  This is a step to express gratitude to each employee for the recent academic accountability successes and to ensure that the Judson ISD remains a competitive employer.  The Board of Trustees passed the measure after Superintendent Dr. Willis Mackey explained how the proposal would work. The pay raises include a 5% increase for clerical and manual trade workers and a 3% increase for professional educators and administrators. Bus driver will also get 50 cents per hour more. In addition, teachers, counselors and specialists will get a $1,500 raise as part of their annual step.  

The district feels that due to conservative financial practices and using educational resources effectively, it has been able to sustain a healthy fund balance that makes the increases possible. This step will also help in retaining good and effective employees within the district at an important time, as well as attracting new talent. This brings the starting salary for a Judson ISD teacher with no experience to $48,000 a year. 


Daisy A.Hendrix

How does the new pay raises effects the sub. Teacher?

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