Judson ISD

Judson ISD Board Will Look Different

After all the early voting and election day votes were counted, the Judson ISD Board will have two new members taking their seats when it convenes for its regular meeting later this month.  While sitting Board President Steve Salyer retained his seat over challenger Rick Page, June Adair lost her bid for re-election after she was defeated by Converse City Councilmember Renee Paschall and Incumbent Sonny Merrell who was appointed earlier this school year to his position after Beth Williams moved, will be replaced by former JISD Principal Melinda Salinas.  The results will not be official until the vote is canvassed on May 20th during a special board meeting.  
As far as the newcomers are concerned, Renee Paschall is expected to resign her position on the Converse City Council to take her position on the JISD Board. Melinda Salinas is currently Assistant Superintendent at Poteet ISD, but lives within the Judson ISD boundaries. Both are expected to be sworn in and take their seats on the board after the canvassing of the vote.  Take a look at the results below.


Dan Meyers

Why is there no runoff election for Place 7? No one candidate has a majority of the votes. You now have a board member with almost 60% of the voters against them.

Steve Linscomb

“…In accordance with Education Code 11.057, the Board has chosen to continue determining the results of Board member elections by plurality rather than by majority.” Unlike the recent City of San Antonio Mayoral Race where results are based on a majority, and a candidate is required to have more than half of the total votes, our elections require the individual to have the most votes. In our Place 7 seat, Dr. Salinas received the most votes in that race, and therefore will be sworn in to serve as our new trustee.

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