Judson ISD

Judson Justice Students Prep To Compete

Members of the Judson High School Criminal Justice Student Association are training and practicing to compete in the upcoming Texas High School Mock Trial competition.  For the last five years, the Judson CJSA members have been participating in this big event and it is a great experience for those interested in how the legal system works and the process of a real court trial. 
One of the coolest parts of this program at Judson is the partnership it has with St. Mary's University School of Law. Mr. Sheppard, the Dean of the School of Law, allows our students to use the StMU moot court room every Thursday to practice and get the feel of being in a court room.  That will be important experience when they get to attend a Mock Trial clinic in Dallas in November.  It'll really count when the Regional Competition comes around in January...That will be held in downtown San Antonio at the Bexar County Court House. 
It's great practice and a wonderful opportunity to learn the process of a court room... beyond what we may see in the movies or on TV.



Michael Blackmon

I believe this would help, if it were a requirement for all students to attend a situation like this. It would help them see the consequences all citizens face if we choose to break the law.

Jesus Hernandez III

Great group of future policy makers, lawyers, and enforcers!! I'm glad they are representing JHS with pride.

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