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Judson MS Principal Sticks Around For A Good Cause

The Judson Middle School journalism department, under the direction of Kayleigh Franklin, worked on a fundraiser to raise money for creating the first ever Judson MS newspaper, The Paw Print. Money was raised in the form of selling pieces of tape to attach Principal Liza Guerrero to the wall during the student lunches. For an hour and a half, over 700 feet of tape was put toward taping Principal Guerrero successfully to the wall. As you can see from the photo, there is no getting out of that. The students who participated received a pass to enjoy the courtyard after their lunch. With the money that was raised, the journalism staff will be able to publish the first edition of The Paw Print on the first week of December.


Percival Shaugnessy Windsor

She's got herself into a sticky wicket for a good cause , wot ?

D W Meyers

Great leadership of a campus! Well done, Ms Guerrero in motivating your students to accomplish an ambitious goal!


Wow.....l! !!Congrats, I know these bright minds will create new ways and do whatever it takes for their voice to be heard.....

Disce Aut Discede..

Where can I get a copy?

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