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Judson Student Gets Award And Donates Learning Tool

Francisco Cruz with Quincy R. Boyd of the Harvard Club of San Antonio

Francisco Cruz is looking forward to his senior year at Judson, but he's already getting interest from colleges and universities. He was recently presented with the Harvard Prize Book by Quincy R. Boyd, a Judson grad and Harvard Alumnus. The recognition goes to high school juniors who demonstrate attributes that the school fosters in its students. Ms. Boyd is a member of the Harvard Club of San Antonio and was proud to present the award to Francisco. Congratulations to him for this recognition. 


Francisco with parents Francisco senior and Judson counselor JoAnne Cruz (also Francisco's Mom), Counselor Cynthia Cortez, and Director of Guidance and Counseling Monica Garcia and JISD Board Secretary Jose Macias

Francisco also presented to the district's dyslexia department 60 creations of what he calls "whisper phones." Made of PVC pipe, these phone-looking gizmos are based on something that he says he used when he was having trouble reading in elementary school. You just bring it up to your ear and mouth and whisper what you are reading. It amplifies the voice into your ear so you don't have to speak loudly, but you can hear yourself well enough for self-correction. He says it helped him tremendously to deal with his dyslexia and now is a confident and fluent reader. He felt so strongly about it that he made 60 of them to be donated to campuses as part of an Eagle Scout project. It shows character when you can emerge from a struggle to learn lessons to help others. Thank you. 

Francisco demonstrating how the "whisper phone" works. 




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