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Kirby MS Students Complete Tech Certification

The umbrella of technology can cover so many fields...from computer science to the technology that runs your car.  Believe it or not there is a lot of technology that goes into the very oil that is the lifeblood of any automobile.  Kirby Middle School students from Mr. Ken Tucker's Industrial Technology class recently participated in the Team Valvoline U Program by completing the Valvoline Institute of Technology's course on motor oil.  The students took a comprehensive test that was mailed in and graded by Valvoline itself.  Those that passed, earned an Industry Certificate of Completion and are officially certified in Motor Oil 101 and can reference this documentation on their resume as they apply for jobs in the automotive field.

 Congratulations to these students. 

Alvin Bernal 8th grader
Noel Bernal  7th grader
Trevon Davis 7th grader
Mathew Gutierrez  8th grader
Tyler Landry  7th grader
Collin McKeag  7th grader
Richard Quezada  7th grader
Javier Ramirez 8th grader
Roy Ramirez  8th grader
Ivan Rodriguez 8th grader
Tyrell Wright  7th grader
Ariel Omar Avaios  7th grader
Joseph Casas  8th grader
Juliann Hernandez 8th grader
Diamond Moreno  7th grader
Moises Ramirez 7th grader
Jeremy Reyes 7th grader
Christopher Rodriguez 8th grader


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