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Kitty Hawk Ag Students Make A Beautiful Difference

You may not know it, but Kitty Hawk Middle School has a class of students that are learning the principles of agriculture.  Mr. Rumfield has been working with them on of the basics of growing plants and it's serving a two-fold purpose.  The students are developing a green thumb while the campus gets better and better looking with the landscaping getting attention. 

Landscaped areas can be a real job just keeping them maintained with controlling and pulling weeds and keeping the plants from getting overgrown. Nothing like a little sweat equity to keep your campus looking good while learning at the same time. 


Valarie Lewis

This is a fabulous idea ! This displays an additional way for students to be proud of their campus. If feel this would be a great idea from elementary to high school students to be involved in, your never to young or old for this hobby.

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