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Kitty Hawk MS Talks Security on KABB

Security is a hot topic in the media these days...and the local media is no exception.  KABB-TV wanted to see how we conduct our emergency drills...how prepared the teachers and students are if something went wrong.  They went to Kitty Hawk Middle School where they followed Mr. McFalls and campus police to see what happens during an intruder lockdown. The story linked below by reporter Grace White shows how they remembered what to do and where to go.  It also showed how teachers kept classroom doors shut and locked even with administrators asking to be let in.  After the drill, Mr. McFalls was interviewed about what he saw and how well he thought it went. Practice helps to know what to do even in the heat of the moment.

CLICK HERE for the KABB-TV story



i go to this school and the eight graders have gon ethrough this drill even at lunch

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