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Kitty Hawk SkillsUSA Team Takes National Gold, Again!

For the second year in a row, the Kitty Hawk Middle School SkillsUSA Opening and Closing Team took GOLD at the National Conference in Louisville, Kentucky.  The Opening and Closing competition evaluates a team's understanding of the symbolic representation of the colors and assembled parts of the SkillsUSA emblem.  This is the result of hard work and great leadership from instructor Mr. Julian Acevedo...all were part of great chemistry and cooperation to bring the title back to Kitty Hawk and JISD.


While they were there from June 20-24 they also participated in some great activities.  The MakerSpace project enlisted the students in a hands-on project to design and build a box for an egg drop competition.  The object was to construct the box so the egg would stay intact from a 10 foot drop.  They passed with flying colors.


While they were there, they also got busy using their building skills through a Build-A-Table event.  Lowes provided the materials and tools for it all and our Kitty Hawk students built 10 of the 250 tables from the activity...all going to Louisville non-profit organizations, public schools and community parks.  Way to go everyone...congratulations!!


Sharon Carlton

Way to go, KH and Mr. Acevedo! The best!!

Howard Dean

Way to go Mr. Acevedo and Kitty Hawk girls!! Keep showing the SkillsUSA nation that JudsonISD is made of champions!!


Congratulations Kitty Hawk Flyers Skills USA Team.... Way to go Mr. Acevedo and Team !!!!!

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