Judson ISD

Know Your School Bus Driver?

The driver that takes your student to and from school each day is an important person.  It can make them more comfortable, especially the young ones, to be familiar with that person behind the wheel.  You can get that friendship off on the right foot with the 3rd Annual School Bus Rally.  On August 23rd from 5:30 to 7:30 pm all the bus drivers will be on hand at Judson High School and Wagner High School to answer any questions about routes, pickup times and special needs. Which high school do you go to for the bus rally? You can determine that by which high school your student's current school feeds into.  For example, if your child attends Masters Elementary or Metzger Middle Schools they would go to Wagner High School for the rally. If they attend Converse or Judson Middle Schools, Judson High School is your bus rally site.  



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