Judson ISD

Media Report Card 2012

The 2011-2012 Media Report card is a look at how the local mainstream media has covered Judson I.S.D. over the last school year. The district has been keeping track of it’s media coverage and interaction since the 2010-2011 school year. 

2012 Media Interaction with Judson ISD

Positive Coverage/Interaction with Judson ISD
1.WOAI-TV                                    (32)
2.Northeast Herald                         (17)
3.Express-News                             (15)
4.KSAT-TV                                     (10)
5.KABB-TV                                     (9)
6.KENS-TV                                     (7)
7.KTSA-Radio                                 (2)
8.(Tie)WOAI-Radio /TX Public Radio  (1)

Negative Coverage/Interaction with Judson ISD
1.(Tie) KENS-TV/KABB-TV                 (18)
2.(Tie) Express-News/ WOAI-TV        (15)
3.KSAT-TV                                        (11)
4.KTSA-Radio                                    (5)
5.(Tie)Northeast Herald/WOAI-Radio   (4)
6.(Tie)KWEX/KVDA                             (2)

Neutral Coverage/Interaction with Judson ISD
1.Express-News                              (132)
2.WOAI-TV                                     (111)
3.KENS-TV                                      (77)
4.KSAT-TV                                      (66)
5.KABB-TV                                      (58)
6.Northeast Herald                           (50)
7.KTSA-Radio                                  (48)
8.(Tie)WOAI-Radio/KWEX                 (37)
9.KVDA                                            (35)
10.TX Public Radio                            (4)

KENS-TV and KABB-TV tied for the most negative coverage/interaction
WOAI-TV had the most positive coverage/interaction
Express-News had the most neutral coverage/interaction
KENS-TV coverage/interaction was primarily negative/neutral
WOAI-TV/Express-News  coverage/interaction was primarily positive/neutral
Express News covered/interacted with Judson ISD more than any other media outlet.

Analysis is from July 1, 2011-July 1, 2012. Analysis does not include athletic coverage. An example of Positive Coverage/Interaction would be student scholarships or school opening.  An example of Negative Coverage/Interaction would be the arrest of a district employee.  An example of Neutral Coverage/Interaction would be school board election results or general inquiries.


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