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Metzger Bands Clean Up For Sweepstakes

The Metzger Band program continues to show it's tremendous quality and is solidifying its reputation as a high performing group of musicians.  For the second straight year, both the Metzger Honors and Symphonic Bands received Sweepstakes 1st Division ratings from all six judges. That means they got the highest rating from all six judges in both a concert setting and in sight reading.  Sight reading is playing a piece as a group that no one has seen before. The students are given a few minutes to look at their parts and the band director is allowed to talk them through it for a very limited amount of time and then they play it to the best of their ability...that's tough.  But both bands aced both categories.  

Metzger Symphonic Band


Metzger Honors Band 

Congratulations to both groups and to the Director of Bands Mr. John Robertson. 


Bennie Goodman

GO Metzger Mustangs Go..... Job Well Done !!!

billy (fake)

Good job you did better than us at sight reading, and we sounded horrible because of how hard it was for us. congrats.

Patricia Santos

Way to go Mr. Robertson and Metzger Mustangs Band!!!! So proud of your accomplishments!

joshua eww oates

i know destini sarai jalecia

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