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Military Student Extravaganza: Ready For The Future

Judson ISD is proud of its connection with the military. There are thousands of students with ties to the armed services at our campuses and that's why the Military Student Extravaganza at the Performing Arts Center is always such a big deal. This year's focus...being college and career ready. Special guest speaker Mr. Mychal Wynn was inspirational in explaining how to journey down the path of your dreams. He also explained some of the trouble spots to avoid and some of the opportunities to seize that lead to success.


We know that military families make some big sacrifices to defend this country's freedoms and way of life, so we salute you and say thank you by doing all we can for them and the students that we have in our classrooms every day. Thank you.

Below is a musical montage of pictures and a photo album from this year's Military Student Extravaganza.


Monica Trevino

Thank you Ms. Greenwood for always making our family apart of your program. This night was such a success and I enjoyed watching my daughter participate in the National Anthem. Then watching her listen and gather information from the awesome guest speakers. Thanks again for this opportunity. She enjoys her military support group in school. To you and those who helped made this night happen... THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART.

Charlar Green

Thanks to Mr. Wynn for presenting us a wealth of
knowledge concerning college readiness for all educational levels. Words could not express the heart
warm feelings felt during the flag ceremony presented by the military children. Thank you to Deborah Rice and Sylvia Greenwood for allowing us to express our appreciation to the ones who have served our country and their families. Job well done!!!

Judith Vaughan Harris

I'm a proud military wife and mom! Acknowledging The Month of the Military Child through an informative workshop was a wonderful idea.When I heard that Ms Greenwood was bringing Mr.Wynn back to share his wealth of knowledge, I knew I had to come. Our youngest daughter is only in 7th grade but I felt she needs the information she heard about preparing herself right now for college. She learned quite a bit that evening. She is even naming some colleges that she'd like to be accepted.
Hopefully this workshop will become an annual event.

Paulette Collier

Congratulations to Ms. Greenwood and the students who participated in and produced the Military Student Extravaganza. The students in the audience showed genuine interest in the inspirational stories, information and advice presented by the guest speakers. As the parent of three Judson alumni, military children, veterans of multiple moves, who all earned advanced degrees, I was impressed by the information provided by a wide reflection of the community, and the message that planning is portable; now is exactly the right time to start preparing for life beyond high school.

cynthia lang

Thank you Ms. Greenwood for helping us teach our children about college. We have learned so much this year. My daughter loves Ms. Greenwood and I can't say enough about her. Military children have to endure so many hardships, the program helps so many kids. That extra support is powerful.
Mrs. Lang

Aisha Collier-McGarity

As a military student at Judson ISD and then a military spouse, I was honored to return to Judson to share my experiences and academic successes as a guest speaker. Several students spoke with my privately after the event and shared some of their own experiences. This event has grown from the initial program last year and I was especially impressed with the inclusion of the students in the program, the drum line, and the flag presentation! What an empowering thing for these young people to courageously speak in front of their peers. I hope this program continues to grow and would love to see a larger representation of counselors and principals from the high schools and middle schools as there was valuable college readiness information shared by Mr. Wynn. Great job Sylvia Greenwood for recognizing military children and families and honoring them.

Mychal Wynn

My wife and I were enriched by the opportunity to share the day with military students, families, and the entire JISD community. I had such a wonderful time speaking with students during the day and making the evening presentation. The military families and entire community should be proud of the wonderful young people you are developing. I am always inspired by listening to the dreams of our youth. They deserve a pathway to their college, career, or life aspirations—a pathway that is widened through the support and collaboration of the entire community.

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