Judson ISD

Miller's Point Attendance Incentive Payoff

Attendance is an important part of the whole education process.  Showing up is where it all starts and great instruction starts from there.  Miller's Point started a unique attendance incentive recently that the students seemed to enjoy.  The top two classes with the highest attendance were treated to a special book reading by some generous administrators from Northeast Lakeview College. NLC's Vice President of Student Success, Dr. Debbie Hamilton, Dean of Student Services Belinda Rivera and the College Director of High School Programs Mr. Philip Hicks showed up to serve as special guest readers of some great stories.  The NLC mascot, Nico the Nighthawk, also arrived for a special appearance.  Along with the presence of the NLC guests, students were treated to an awesome goodie bag, including t-shirts.  What a great partnership with Northeast Lakeview College!



Cynthia Zotter

Miller's Point - I substituted one day the week before Spring Break and saw the enthusiasm the school shows towards their students. There was a day of celebration on the day I was there for perfect attendance students and a few were from the class I was in.

The administrative team was full of smiles when you enter the school which to me says a lot as that is how the day begins for parents, students, substitute teachers, teachers, etc.

Congrats to you Miller's Point for showing the student's you care.

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