Judson ISD

Million Father March At Escondido

A father's role in the family may be discounted by some these days, but the impact of a father who cares and takes time for his children has a profound positive effect that is felt for generations.  Fathers at Escondido showed up recently to make that statement.  Around 150 fathers participated in the march and showed their support to their kids and just what it means to be a dad. We know that not every dad was able to come, and that doesn't lessen their impact, but the event gave these men a chance to show they value the role of a being a father...with other fathers. Iron sharpening iron.  



Renee Paschall

Mrs. Tyson, congratulations for such an impactful experience! Yes, iron does sharpen iron, so that our young boys learn from example. Very proud to support the Lions!

Janine Richards

Wow! What a terrific idea, and, yes, impactful, for generations to come! So love. Build on it year-over-year.

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