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Month Of The Military Child-Purple Up JISD!

Military families bear a unique burden with the special calling of their parents to serve this country. Whether it's the training that is involved in being prepared or an extended deployment, there is a sacrifice that is made not just by the parent serving, but by the child that is dealing with that parent's absence. JISD wants to support them and show them that we are aware of their sacrifice and that we care.  This Friday, April 12, Judson ISD is going to Purple Up to show our support for military families. 

Purple indicates all branches of the U.S. military that protect and defend our country.  Air Force blue, Army green, Navy blue, Marine red, and Coast Guard blue all combine together as a single color, purple.  Let's show our support for those who give so much. 


GEN. Amos Halftrack

Thank You JISD for supporting the military !

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