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Museum Comes To Life At Converse Elementary

Brynlee Stevenson as Gloria Vanderbilt - Fashion Designer & Artist and Madalynne Aberg as part of Rodgers & Hammerstein - Composers


Converse Elementary third grade classes hosted their annual Live Wax Museum. This year the classrooms were divided into five themed museums much like the Smithsonian. The five museums and teachers were:

1.    The Museum of Math & Science - Ms. Jenn George
2.    The Museum of World & American History - Mrs. Danielle Baum
3.    The Museum of Sports - Mrs. Brooke Bailey
4.    The Museum of Art & Music - Mrs. Dixie Gonzales
5.    The Museum of Literature & Entertainment - Mrs. Ashley Earnest

Matthew Nash as Michelangelo - Sculptor 


Wayne Jones as Ansel Adams - Photographer

Participants chose people from their museum type to research and prepare a brief speech to deliver to visitors that highlighted the events of that person’s life. They were encouraged to try to dress like their person of importance and provide some type of prop that represented them. Students from the rest of the campus had the opportunity to go to each museum and learn a little bit about these different people of interests. The Museum of Art & Music utilized technology by using chromebooks to create slide shows and present audio and video links that represented their person of interests’ talents.

Miley Bolton as Vera Wang - Fashion Designer. Carmella Cruz as Diane van Furstenberg - Fashion Designer. Devin Majors as Les Paul - Musician

Hailey Flores as Frida Kahlo - Artist  

Carolyn Tarvis as Dorothea Lange - Photographer


Rose Helmke

Absolutely AWESOME!!!! I teach on the Mescalero Apache Reservation in New Mexico. This is something I would loved to do with my students. Job well done 3rd grade!!!

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