Judson ISD

NBA Stars Return To District To Give Back

Giving back to the community.  It's an easy phrase to say...almost trite.  But then there are those who follow through with that idea.  Like former Wagner students Andre Roberson and Jordan Clarkson who recently conducted a special basketball camp at Veterans Memorial High School.  Both are impact players on high profile NBA teams...Andre is with the Oklahoma City Thunder who always seem to go deep in the playoffs and Jordan who has served his team, the Los Angeles Lakers, as a shooting guard as well as point guard serving up assists. 

A rockin' crowd at the gym cheered them on as they made a grand entrance, spoke to the crowd for a moment and then quickly got to the business of working with the kids and helping them have fun with the game.  As you can see, Andre and Jordan had a great time hanging out together and encouraging the kids in the process.  






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