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Next Bond Advisory Meeting Location Change

The Judson ISD wants to thank everyone who is submitting their thoughts and suggestions to the Bond Advisory Committee as the district assesses the needs and the direction to go in a possible upcoming bond.  The last two Bond Advisory Meetings have been at the ERC Board Room, but to make more room for everyone that's expected, the meeting January 19,2016 has been moved to the Judson Early College Academy (JECA) common area.  We welcome input on what facilities and projects should be priority in the future.  


Bond Advisory Meeting:
January 19,2016
5 pm to 7pm
Judson Early College Academy 
8230 Palisades Dr.
Live Oak, TX 78148-3186


Jennifer Felty

I attended the Bond Advisory Meeting that night and would like to see the Powerpoint that was shared posted here as soon as possible. We were told that night it would be posted. Transparency is necessary for the success in passing a school bond & I have told people that the info would be shared from that night since they were unable to attend a meeting that early. I took pictures with my phone of some things, but could not get adequate shots of other data. What is causing the delay for what should be routine technology?

Jennifer Felty

Just found the info on the Jan. 19th bond meeting & noticed the Bond Categories to the right of the computer screen changed from 12 to 13 entries. Thank you.

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