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Not Your Grandpa's Barnyard Education

Of course, not everything worthy of learning is taught inside the four walls of a classroom setting.  The Judson FFA takes that idea each year and fine tunes it with JISD elementary school students...and it's a treat for both groups.  More than 500 elementary age students came to the barns at Judson High School and stopped at several different stations to learn about the animals that have been essential to U.S. farms and ranches for so long and still are staples today.  Lambs, chickens, goats, rabbits cattle, swine and plants were on display. FFA students help the kids understand the terminology, use and care of all the animals...complete with props.  They also included what consumer products come from what is raised on farms and ranches too. In addition, the tour included a trip to the greenhouse where the young students learned about the Photosynthesis cycle. Something new that the two day event featured was a special guest speaker. Emilee Trlica from the Texas Farm Bureau was invited to give a presentation about cotton and the many things it's used for. 
The Judson High School FFA Barnyard Committee is made up 50 students and each year they meet several times to plan for this event for the elementary school students.  A great big thank you to the Committee Leader Mallori Johnson and Co-chairs Joshua Borg and Haley Klar for their work on this. Lauren Henderson is the faculty advisor for the committee and is an Agriculture Science Teacher at Judson High School. 








Michele Valadez

My son had a blast learning about and seeing all of these animals! Thank you all for organizing this experience.

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