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Pen To Paper: Signing Day At JECA

Signing Day at Judson Early College Academy is a big deal. It represents the goal that a lot of students set when they begin their days at JECA. College is the end-game here and securing scholarship money is the fuel that makes a lot of that go.  More than 100 seniors were present as each student revealed what college they were attending in the fall and the scholarship money they were able to secure.  


It was a full house at JECA Commons because parents and so many family members were on hand to see their student enjoy their moments of celebration as they walked in front of everyone holding the banner of the school of their choice.  Also in the crowd were many college and armed forces representatives that wanted to share in the celebration and offer their encouragement, support, and congratulations.  


For the record, JECA students, as a whole, garnered more than $32.5 million dollars in scholarships.



Katie Strezishar

Congratulations Kiara! I am so proud to call you one of my former students. Keep up the hard work and dedication to your education and there will be no limit to what you can achieve!

Randolph Cole

Congratulations JECA Class of 2019, Best of luck to all & your future endeavors, GO Raptors GO !

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