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Prize Parade Surprising Teachers With Grants

One of the most rewarding parts to being involved with the Judson Education Foundation is awarding grants to innovative teachers across the district. Most of them don't have any idea they've won, they stay hopeful and listen for the drum line booming down the hallways.  That's what happened at a number of campuses recently as the Judson Education Foundation brought their super-sized checkbook. More than $32,000 in grants were presented to teachers who are leading their students into some great new endeavors or greatly enhancing those that are really taking off.  A big thank you to all the JEF Board Members and everyone who rode around all over the district footprint to make this happen.  A special portion of appreciation to Lexie Greathouse, the Executive Director of JEF, who organized this whole event.

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Marcie Stowell

Congratulations Melissa Hooper! I'm so excited about our students having class sets of books in English AND Spanish in order to be able to discuss them across the classes. Students who read together definitely do SUCCEED together!

Lynda Haley

Way to Go all of you outstanding teachers. Mr. Ford--I knew you would be awesome way back in your Candlewood days!

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