Judson ISD

Recognition For JISD Substitutes

One of the hardest things to do is to step into an unfamiliar situation while everyone is expecting you to lead the group. Well, that's what substitutes do each time they walk into a classroom. Sure, some individuals substitute for classes several times in a year and at least have some context before they step on campus, but it can still be a challenge. JISD substitutes serve our students and teachers in a way that sometimes gets overlooked, but the district wanted to say a big thank you for the hard work they put in each year. Campus Substitutes of the Year were recognized at Judson Early College Academy recently with a reception and ceremony. Thank you so much. You are a valued part of what Judson ISD is all about. 




J.E. Meris

Congratulations to ALL JISD substitutes, Job Well Done !

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