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Sisters From Judson Making Military History

Meladee and Sarah Gomez are sisters who have been in the Judson Junior ROTC for years, but they didn't start off thinking they were going to make military history, but that's exactly what happened.  Sarah is a 2011 graduate of Judson High School and Meladee is a senior this year.  Both will be taking on military positions that have traditionally been held by male soldiers.  Both young ladies were sworn in to serve in the Texas National Guard and both will be taking on field artillery jobs that up until now were assigned to men because of being combat positions. 19-year-old Sarah will be working as a Fire Support System Specialist and younger Meladee will be a Multiple Launch Rocket Crew Member.  Officials are still checking records, but these two sisters may be the first females in U.S. Army history...certainly the first in Texas National Guard history to perform such field combat duties. Swearing in ceremony was conducted at Fort Sam Houston by Cpt. Mathews Metyko as mother Jennifer Gomez and Sergio Aleman looked on.  When asked why such combat driven jobs attracted them, Sarah says she enjoys the strategy and the math involved in hitting targets.  Meladee, says she loves the adrenaline rush of doing the same thing.  Meladee will finish her senior year at Judson and train on the weekends while Sarah's basic training is right around the corner.  These two young women truly are making military history.

(Below: Sarah Gomez on left, Meladee Gomez on right. Cpt. Mathews Metyko conducting ceremony)

(Below: From L-R: Sergio Aleman, Sarah Gomez, mother Jennifer Gomez and Meladee Gomez after ceremony)


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