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Special Olympic Bowlers On A Roll!

Judson ISD Special Olympics bowlers converged at Bandera Bowling center, recently for the Area 20 Bowling Competition.  Our athletes emerged victorious in every category! JISD Special Olympics represented the largest delegation at the competition with eighty-seven athletes. JISD Special Olympics athletes brought home an impressive collection of precious Medals, Gold (21), Silver (22) and Bronze (20).  

A big thank you to the coaches, volunteers, classroom staff, and bus drivers.



The results:

School Student Event  
JHS Jordan Campos BOSING Silver
JHS Maurice Bastin-Day BOSING 4th
JMS Raul Garza BOSING Silver
JMS Javier Gonzales BOSING Bronze
JMS Nicole Gordon BOSING Bronze
JMS Roxane Hayes BOSING Silver
JMS Sebastian Hernandez Martinez BOSING 4th
JMS Sebastian Nieto BOSING Bronze
JMS Sarai Sinclair BOSING Silver
KHMS Matthew Keane Dawes BOSING Gold
KHMS Adrain Munoz BOSING Gold
KHMS Skylar Raffel BOSING Gold
KHMS Jiselle Torrez BOSING Bronze
KHMS Luis Trejo BOSING Silver
KHMS Ryan Michael Rodriguez BOSING 7th
MMS Isabella Bettencourt BOSING 4th
MMS Damon Clark BOSING Gold
MMS William Allison BOSING 4th
MMS Ryan Fields BOSING Bronze
MMS Ramiro Hemphill BOSING Gold
MMS Kelvin White BOSING Bronze
VMHS Dylan Schuman BOSING 7th
WHMS Rehma Cutkelvin BOSING 4th
WHMS Auston Pauley BOSING Silver
WHMS Christopher Solis BOSING 4th
WHS Isaiah Brown BOSING Bronze
WHS Anthony Bedford BOSING Bronze
WHS Malik Morrow BOSING Gold
WHS Andrea Randle BOSING Gold
WHS William Tate BOSING 5th
School Student      Event  
AYVP Cameron Jennings BOSASR Silver
AYVP Nathaniel Mullins BOSASR Bronze
AYVP Angelina Anderson BOSING 7th
AYVP Christina Anderson BOSING 4th
AYVP Kayla Dukes BOSING Gold
AYVP Mary Fortino BOSING Silver
AYVP Ashlyn Garcia BOSING 4th
AYVP Angel Mora BOSING 4th
AYVP Brianna Pena BOSING Silver
AYVP Nancy Trinh BOSING Gold
JHS Alyssa Morales BOSING Bronze
VMHS Ryan Dickerson BOSASR Participation
VMHS Autmn Holley BOSASR Gold
VMHS Symone Horne BOSING Silver
VMHS Victoria Rodriguez BOSING Bronze
WHS Clifford Hewitt BOSINR Bronze
School Student Event  
AYVP Elijah Alvarado BOSING Gold
AYVP Casey Garth BOSING Gold
AYVP Nathan Derouen BOSING 4th
AYVP Nicholas Devadoss BOSING Silver
AYVP Antonio Johnson BOSING 4th
AYVP Darius Hunt BOSING 5th
AYVP Earl Riley BOSING Gold
AYVP Jordan Rowan BOSING Silver
AYVP SammyYbarra BOSING Bronze
JHS Marco Adame BOSING 4th
JHS Aaron Poddig BOSING Silver
JHS Josiah Tolliver BOSING Silver
JHS Logan Wiggins BOSING 4th
VMHS Conrad Castillo BOSING Bronze
VMHS Lewis Forrester BOSING Bronze
VMHS Je'Ree' Regge BOSING Bronze
WHS Robert Baugh BOSING Gold
WHS Damion Gonzales BOSING 5th
WHS Marcos Gonzalez BOSING Bronze
WHS Shakiel Hall BOSING 5th
WHS Alexander Harp BOSING Gold
WHS Jacob Custodio BOSING Gold
WHS Emmanuel Johnson BOSING Gold
WHS William Nichols BOSING Bronze
WHS Joshua P. Ramirez BOSING Bronze


Richard Weber

Way to Go Judson ISD Keglers , Congratulations and Job Well Done !!!

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