Judson ISD

Super Student Citizens Recognized At Converse ES

Converse Elementary School has a great program going on at it's campus that encourages positive behavior.  Last year the school began implementing it on school buses. It began as a complete set of expectations were rolled out from a volunteer committee.  Part of the emphasis is an incentive program to reward exceptional behavior on school buses...a "Student of the Month" is recognized for each bus. Converse is proud to report that through its records, referrals were shown to be down 75% in 2013 over the previous year so it's going well. In September of this school year there was only one bus referral...that is super!  Let's congratulate the school and these students on being respectful to others on the bus or wherever they are.

Bus Students of the Month for September 2014 are: Bus 4 - Victoria Winkler, Bus 108 - Gisele Newman, Bus 114 - Brooklyn Ellis, Bus 11 - Uriah Bennett, Bus 2 - Kati Casimiro, Bus 6 - Megan Potts, Bus 81 - Andrew Johnson, Bus 117 - Dariana Ranken 


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